"Interdependent people combine their own efforts, with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success."


To sum it up, Rock Star Real Estate Inc. is a full service real estate brokerage.

But to leave it at that could be considered an injustice.

You see we are drastically different than that description.

The company, founded in 2008, almost came about ‘by accident.’

At the time, the founders, Tom and Nick Karadza had recently given in to pressure from the people around them and started sharing the real estate investing strategies they were using on their own properties all around the Golden Horseshoe.

Nick bought his first investment property at just 21 years of age and profited from it in 4 months, while Tom quit a multiple six figure job to focus on real estate full time with a toddler and an infant at home. To see their full stories click here.

As they started sharing their “on the streets” strategies with local real estate investors, word began to spread and they couldn’t keep up with the number of people looking for help.

They wanted to add more services to help people make profitable real estate decisions but the company they were with was not interested in conducting business in such a way.

So they decided to leave and form Rock Star Real Estate.

Initially, the company worked exclusively with real estate investors.

The goal was to help people use real estate to live their “Rock Star Lives” which could be anything they chose but was life on their terms which is where the Rock Star tagline of “Your Life. Your Terms.” came from.

As the group of investors grew, more information, classes, events, and resources were introduced to help them expand their portfolios.

To the point where we hold regular events for this incredible group of investors with 400 – 500 people attending each one.

As the name spread, more and more people were reaching out to the company for help with all of their real estate needs.

They wanted us to help them because of the unique structure the company has.

Here’s what we mean…

We work in An Absolute Team Environment.

At Rock Star, we work as one big team which sets us apart.

So instead of working with a person who is trying to specialize in multiple different fields to get the job done, we have specialists working together in each area to get things done right!

One visit to the office, or one of our events, and you’ll notice the difference yourself.

Within the office we have:

  • People who have built custom homes and sold them for millions of dollars.
  • Team members who focus on first time home buyers.
  • Investors who quit their jobs in their 20’s because of the income from their properties.
  • Multi-unit strategists evaluating properties regularly.
  • Marketing strategists to ensure proper systems regardless of the desired outcome.
  • Designers to ensure proper presentation.
  • Administrative specialists to keep all the moving pieces together.
  • … And many things in between!

At Rock Star, if you are working with one team member, you have access to all of them.

It’s how we have gotten reviews like this:

"Rock Star Real Estate is the best place for any beginner real estate investor to learn the basics, build their portfolio and stay informed about key topics. We began with no idea about real estate, what the terms meant or how the whole process worked. Our coach walked us through the process step by step while educating us about the importance and what to watch out for. There is risk in any investment but having that information advantage can mean the difference between making a profit or suffering a loss. The people at Rock Star are so generous with the information they gather through hard work and research and we are forever grateful.
What these people do change lives! We consider ourselves lucky and privileged to work with such great action takers. Joining Rock Star was one of the best decisions we have ever made! We look forward to doing many many more deals in the near future!"
Chris and Alou Tan
Mississauga, ON
"Rock Star Real Estate is by far the best place anyone could go to learn about real estate investing. They provide a safe environment to build confidence to take the steps needed to invest in the properties you want to. Always giving you accurate information to help you make decisions and helping you make the right purchases. They also provide help with your investments after you have purchased them so that you remain successful in investing.
I am extremely happy with my results achieved through them in obtaining the properties I currently hold and I will definitely be using them for my future real estate investing needs."
Aaron Mueller
Burlington, ON

If you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest profitably in today’s market, reach out to us and get the whole company behind you.

And remember… Your Life. Your Terms.

– The Rock Star Team

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