Soanya Rajabi

Where were you born (city)? Scarborough

Best Memory About Child Hood?  Going on long walks with my Grandpa and feeding pigeons

Best friend in grade school? My friend Laura, has been my best and only friend from grade school

Favourite/Greatest movie of all time?  Godfather and A Beautiful Mind

Best vacation ever?  Jamaica 2018

Favourite pastime/hobby?  Playing Basketball/ Volleyball

Favourite Restaurant?  The Cheesecake Factory (I love Cheesecake LOL)  

Favourite Food and Why? Mexican food because it has that perfect spice and flavour as soon as you take a bite Mmmmmm

Are you superstitious?  Yes and no

Next place you want to visit and why?  Bali, it was one of my biggest trips I booked but got cancelled due to COVID

The principles you live by?  Surround yourself with people who genuinely support you and appreciate everything you have

What you want to be remembered for?  I want to be the person that never said no to helping someone and someone that put everyone’s needs above their own. With so much negative in the world, I want to be a positive light of hope. Even if it’s for just that one person, it makes the biggest difference to me.

Favourite Pet?  I currently have a cat and dog and I can never pick between the two